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2535 Jefferson Road
Athens, Georgia 30607
Office: 706-546-1280

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About Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) in Athens, Georgia is a Biblically-based congregation fully committed to being strongly in the Word, Christ-centered and people-sensitive, and marked by peace and unity in the Lord.††

Strong in the Word

Jesus calls sinners to repentance and comforts the brokenhearted through the preaching and teaching of His Word. We are a congregation that proclaims the Bible as the written Word of God Ė the very voice of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. The Holy Spirit, through the Word, creates and sustains trust in Jesus Christ. Through this living and powerful Word, Jesus Himself comforts, forgives, and guides people through perplexing, difficult, and confusing life questions and decisions. Trinity Lutheran Church is strongly committed to reading, studying, and growing in the Word of God.

Christ-Centered and People-Sensitive

Our focus is Jesus and His presence among us. We believe that Jesus is present among us through the life-giving waters of Baptism, a Sacrament that unites us with Jesusí death and resurrection, washes away our sins, and brings us into fellowship with the Holy Christian Church. We rejoice in the gracious presence of Jesus in the Lordís Supper, where Jesus sustains us with the forgiveness of sins, strengthens us for a life of service to Him, and prepares us for life eternal.
As a community, we strive to follow the example of Jesus who loved us and cared for us when we had no strength. Through our congregation, we serve the sick, the elderly, and those struggling with difficult situations and transitions in life. Because people are important, we gladly serve others in the spirit of Christ who loves us.

Peace and Unity in the Lord

Trinity Lutheran Church welcomes everyone! We are united by our relationship with Jesus Christ and our lives centered on the Word. We rejoice and live in the faith that God has given to us. We want you to experience that peace and joy also Ė so we extend to you a friendly invitation to worship with us, and consider us as your church home. The doors at Trinity are always open to you. Godís blessings and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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