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Church Boards

The Organization of Trinity Lutheran Church

The Voting Membership: The congregation is represented and administers all it’s affairs through the voting membership. Quarterly Voter’s meetings are held usually in January, April, July and October and the President sets the dates and times of all voter’s meetings. The voting membership consists of all communicant members of Trinity Lutheran Church who have been received by the Voter’s Assembly and have signed the constitution of the congregation.

The Parish Planning Council (PPC)

The PPC meets monthly on the third Monday at 6:30 p.m.

The Parish Planning Council is composed of the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, financial secretary, chairs of the boards, pastor and other called workers and staff as designated in the Policies and Procedures Manual. Subcommittees that come under the Parish Planning Council are the Financial Planning Committee, the Financial Review Committee, the Stewardship Committee and the Nominating Committee.

  • The PPC has the responsibility to review programs and fiscal matters continually and to bring to the voting membership any concerns that are of such magnitude as to require the attention of the congregation.
  • The PPC has the power to act on behalf of the congregation between meetings of the voters’ assembly.
  • In instances where a board or committee is unable to function or to transact its routine business or to convene in a timely manner to address special issues within its area of responsibility, the PPC shall have the authority to act in its stead.
  • The PPC will prepare a proposed unified budget to be presented to the voters’ assembly for approval at the October voters’ meeting.
  • The PPC approves all salary increases for the staff of Trinity Lutheran church and Trinity Learning Center full time and preschool programs. This includes yearly staff raises that are budgeted and hourly pay increases that occur during the year.
  • All financial commitments, bank accounts, and similar obligations undertaken in Trinity’s name or established in association with Trinity congregation must be approved in advance by the PPC upon the recommendation of the board, committee or officer responsible for overseeing the activities related to such commitment, account or obligation.

The Board of Elders (BOE)

The BOE meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

  • The BOE consists of at least 8 men and work closely with the Pastor in accomplishing his directives and goals.
  • The BOE is concerned with the spiritual, emotional and physical welfare of the Pastor and his family.
  • The BOE has the responsibility for the spiritual welfare and care of the congregational members, individually and corporately. They administer all membership changes, i.e., receptions and releases and record such in their monthly minutes. They along with the Director of Congregational Life and Growth, assist the Pastor in visitation of active and inactive members, hospital visits and general member care. Through the DCLG the Board of Elders provide the congregation with means of emotional and psychological support for times of crisis. by administering the Stephen Ministries program
  • The BOE with the Pastor oversee and are responsible for everything pertaining to congregational worship standing ready at all times to provide the pastor with pulpit and altar assistance and arrange for pastoral service during an interim period.
  • The Evangelism Committee provides evangelism outreach and reports to the BOE. The mission of the Evangelism Committee is to proclaim the gospel boldly in all public arenas that include our community and the world by developing evangelists and teaching members to witness comfortably about our God who loves and cares for us by providing salvation from our sins. (Matthew 28:19-20)

The Board of Christian Service (BCS)

The BCS meets the first Sunday of each month following the worship service

  • The BCS facilitates local, district and synodical outreach. The Board is responsible for maintaining and growing Trinity’s presence within the Athens community through participation in programs such as the ARK, the Athens Area Food Bank and the Angel Tree program. The Board will be responsible for providing the congregation with opportunities to support our LCMS district and synod through missions and charities.
  • The BCS Fosters fellowship among congregational members. The BCS is responsible for supporting and organizing church-sponsored fellowship through activities such as Easter Pot-luck breakfast, 4th of July picnic, progressive dinners, coffee fellowship hours, special receptions and gatherings, and meals ministry. They oversee the kitchen areas including any special equipment requirements and work with the Church Administrator in maintaining supplies for the kitchens.

The Board of Christian Education (BCE)

The BCE meets the second Sunday of each month following the worship service

  • The BCE plans and administers the Christian educational program of the congregation including children’s Sunday School and Adult Bible Study.
  • The BCE administers the youth programs of Trinity by promoting community service and genuine Christian fellowship in the young people of the congregation.
  • The BCE appoints a Director of the yearly Vacation Bible School program at Trinity and assists the director with the organization of VBS.

The Board of Church Property (BCP)

The BCP meets the first Sunday of each month following the worship service

  • The BCP properly maintains and repairs the church property. The Church Administrator works directly with this board in communicating maintenance issues concerning the facilities and grounds of Trinity.
  • The BCP organizes quarterly workdays by getting volunteers and providing any necessary equipment or supplies.
  • The BCP works with the Church Administrator in getting estimates on repair and equipment purchases.

The Board of Governors (BOG)

The BOG meets the first Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

  • The Board of Governors plans and administers Trinity Academy on behalf of Trinity Lutheran Congregation.
  • The BOG is responsible for setting all policies and goals for the programs.
  • The BOG is responsible for recruiting the directors.
  • The BOG is responsible for overseeing a Christian based curriculum.

Click Here for a copy of Trinity's Constitution & By-Laws